Leadership Program

Our leadership program empowers students to take on the responsibilities as good citizens of the country and the world. The student council nurtures and hones the leadership qualities of the students.

Community Service
No education is complete unless a child is sensitized to the exigencies of her surroundings. The school hence encourages activities like street plays on various social issues, visit to old age home, contribution to armed forces, Red Cross, relief to the victims of any disasters and many others.

Health Care Facilities
Healthcare facilities are available in the School Medical Room which functions under the guidance of a Doctor and a nurse. Regular medical checkups are being done.




 “Education is, helping a child to realize his potentialities”

To make learning a multi-sensory experience it is important to explore innovative ways of instructions. At Mother Mary’s it is our constant endeavour to go beyond routine text book teaching.

  • Child Centered Learning Techniques coupled with C.C.E. have been implemented at all levels.
  • Smart class rooms that enhance presentations and understanding has been introduced at all levels. Though today almost every school uses this medium for teaching, our school differs in customizing the modules to suit the needs of the learners thereby making learning a meaningful and joyful experience. This is aided with class room response system, peer reviews, interactive lectures to develop prior knowledge and integrate new knowledge using audio-visual aid. Graphics, live action videos and animations allow learners to learn by seeing. Animations are used to illustrate concept and ideas that cannot be created and captured in real life.
  • “Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn”. Activity based learning / learning by doing is our forte which give them hands on experience.
  • An open forum is provided to the students, where they could come forward and express their views on a given topic under the guidance of a teacher. Regular classes, help the students to overcome their inhibitions and develop a flair for speaking.
  • Diverse class room activities are conducted to introduce, analyze and reflect, or to deduce the concept. Educational excursions, visits to exhibitions, museums, etc. bring them closer to life and hence enhance their understanding.
  • Conversation classes is a regular feature for which separate periods has been assigned to hone their communication skills. ‘Pick of the Day’ is conducted in every class according to their cognitive level to enhance their vocabulary.
  • Language Lab – a full fledged language lab in the school is utilized to focus on the listening skills of the students.
  • Discussion-cum-question answer methods keep learners interested and reinforces learning. It develops the capacity for clear communication of ideas and meaning. It helps in developing intellect and confidence of students.
  • For special learners i.e. children with special needs stepwise curriculum has been developed.
  • Special assemblies are held regularly to inculcate values on several social and environmental issues among children. The children learn to appreciate the world around and also aides the holistic development of the child.
  • For junior classes joyful learning has been adopted so that children might not be stressed and learning becomes a pleasant experience. In Primary Classes students are encouraged to bring fruits and vegetables according to season so that healthy food habits are inculcated in them as well as the ability to recognize various fruits and vegetables.

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