What We Offer

The School imparts education from Pre-School to Class XII. The curriculum is based on the syllabus prescribed by NCERT and CBSE in alignment with NEP 2020. With a view to develop high order skills like reasoning, analysis, literal thinking, creativity and judgement among students, the school follows innovative and well thought methods of teaching supported by Project works, Hands-on Activities and Field trips that provide enriching learning experiences to the students. We adopt an all-inclusive integrated teaching methodology which also caters to the needs of Children with Special Needs (CWSN).

Js. Smart Class
Sr. Smart Class
Biology Lab
Biology Lab
Chemistry Lab
Physics Lab
Home Science Lab
Language Lab
Jr. Computer Science Lab
Sr. Computer Science Lab
Composite Science Lab

At Mother Mary’s, we firmly believe that students should explore learning in well-equipped surroundings and facilities. As such, the school is thoughtfully designed to facilitate a vibrant learning atmosphere for its students.

Keeping in line with the changing trends in the field of education and to ensure the holistic development of the students, the school has a digitalized education system with the facility of Smart Classrooms, new laboratories and Activity Rooms along with ample arenas for multitude games and sports activities. The school has an effective Information Management System to ensure smooth and uninterrupted communication with the parents. We follow a conscious Eco- Friendly approach and have installed Rain Water Harvesting Plant, Solar Plant and R O Plants in the school premises.

School Entrance
Kids Park
Jr. Library
Sr. Library
R O System
Solar Panels System
Rain Water Harvesting
24x7 Surveillance System

At Mother Mary’s School we value the role of sports, health and exercise in our lives and we strive to ensure that every student develops a lifelong interest in a sporting activity that will foster good health habits into adulthood. Numerous provisions have been made multiple outdoor courts like Basketball Court, Badminton Court etc. with safe floorings safe. Alongside, we also have access to an enormous array of indoor sporting facilities. The school ensures at least two games periods every week for students of classes III-VII. Our students have participated in numerous Inter-school, Zonal and even National Level Competitions and have brought several laurels to the school.

Yoga Class
Volley Ball
Soft Ball
Basket Ball Dribbling
Basket Ball
Table Tennis
Base Ball
Kho Kho
Carrom Board

At Mother Mary’s School, we are committed to offering our girls a wide-range of opportunities to allow each one to develop their skills and pursue their individual interests. To facilitate this, we have both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which are integrated with the House System. The House System fosters a sense of competition and team spirit to encourage higher standards of achievement. Under the House System, each student is allocated a particular House which is headed by a team of dedicated faculty members.

The House System is integrated with multi-disciplinary Clubs functioning in the School and the students are divided into various clubs based on their talents and interests. Regular Inter- House Competitions are organized, thus giving the students a platform to emulate their talents.

Tulika- Art and Craft Club
Nritya Manjari- Dance Club
Aarohi- Indian Music Club
Eco Club
Symphonia- Western Music Club
Cyberweavers- Computer Club
Synergia- School Band
Sahitya Sudha- Hindi Club
Scientia- Science Club
Sports Club
Life Skills- Health Club
Commerce Convention- Commerce Club
Road Safety Club
Lang ‘O Literati- English Club